Artwork Guidelines

We try to make it very, very easy for our customers to get artwork to us in a format we can use and produce your products with the best possible quality we can produce.

File formats we can accept other than the ones to the left are:

jpeg, jpg 300 dpi or higher
png (preferably to size)
tiff 300 dpi or higher
eps (vector only, not raster saved as)


If you intend to send a Word Perfect or Microsoft Office Word or Excel document you need to know that fonts do not carry over. (which means if you make a .doc in a certain font and we don’t have that font it will not tell us that it isn’t the right font. It will simply exchange it for the default font on our computer. There is usually a way to make a word document into a pdf that we can use. Just call and we will walk you through doing it.


there are 2 free vector artwork editors online. (1) Inkscape (2) DrawPlus
Try them out if you dont want to pay us to make your vector artwork.

For help or questions, Call 801-226-7890